Hand poured 80g wax melt pack containing six cubes.


Clamshells Recycled PET (rPET) 86% recycled materials* Vegan friendly* Cruelty free


PLEASE SEE CLP DECLARATION PHOTOS ATTACHED TO PICTURES SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS FOR WAX MELTS AND BURNERS/WARMERS Remove packaging?Only use with a 4 hour tea light candle (or less). Do not use with a scented tea light candle? Only use one to two pieces of wax at a timeBe careful not to overload? Only use with a burner or warmer that is suitable for wax melts. Do not add water? Use in a well ventilated area and keep away from flammable materials? Keep the melted wax pool clear of matches and debris to prevent flaring? Do not move the burner whilst lit? Never leave unattended? Do not allow the pool of wax to completely evaporate so the burner well becomes dry whilst the tea light is still lit. This could cause the wax burner to scorch and smokeWax melt burners become hot during use. Only use on a heat resistant surface. If unsure use a protective plate, tray or similar product? Do not swallow. Do not use on the body. Keep out of reach of children and pets.Discontinue if you or your pets experience a reaction to a certain fragrance. Never pour down the drain and dispose of responsibly. CLEANING To change your wax or clean the burner heat up your wax melt burner/warmer and melt down the wax. Once the wax is completely liquidised switch off/blow out your burner/warmer and add a generous amount of cotton balls. The cotton balls should easily soak up most of the wax. Once the wax is absorbed carefully remove the cotton balls ensuring not to burn your fingers. Dispose of the cotton balls and wipe out the dish using another cotton ball to remove any excess wax. Each wax melt should give you up to 6 hours of scent

Wax Melt Clamshells (18 FRAGRANCES TO CHOOSE FROM)